In today’s digital economy, Internet and world wide web are critical parts of the information technology, which have affected even the daily life of people around the world. Today different organizations, businesses, and people are already trying to establish a new identity for themselves in the information era.
AvaPardaz web department, relying on the expertise and experience of its professional team, provides the following services:

Establishing Internet Identities

  • Domain Registration
  • Web hosting with full control panel capability
  • Providing email service and dedicated mailboxes for managers and personnel

Website Design

  • Analysis of different web applications for organizations and designing appropriate web structures
  • Design and programming of web pages using the latest technology and softwares
  • Special graphics and animation effects for web sites and designing professional advertisements using Flash technology

Website Expansion

  • Providing up-to-date information and rapid changes in the site
  • Information engineering and web-based database programming
  • Establishing online ordering systems
  • Design and implementation of E-Commerce systems
  • Facilitating 24/7 contact with customers and site visitors
  • Creating internet based advertisement and submitting websites in search engines

Training and Support

  • Technical support and continuous website updating
  • Presenting specialized seminars on IT and Internet applications in organizations