Technical Support

The consulting and technical support services offered by AvaPardaz guarantee the efficient and effective use of computer systems throughout an organization and have a supporting role for senior managers.
These services are provided in three categories:

    1. Tech-support yearly contract: On a yearly basis, with scheduled and emergency on-site services


    • On-site hardware and software troubleshooting in less than 24 hours
    • Upgrade and repair services and routine systems maintenance
    • Network and Internet technical support, optimization, and troubleshooting
    • Information security, backup services, and routine virus checking
    • Educational support and providing guidelines for all employees
    • Educational seminars and workshops for managers and personnel
    • Organizing and optimizing tech_support department of large companies
    • Consulting and providing guidelines for senior management


    2. Routine Services: Scheduled service appointments

    • Organizational analysis of IT systems, networks, and personnel and creating a management report
    • Routine software and hardware checks to guarantee a healthy IT system at all times
    • Networks and computer systems troubleshooting
    • Routine virus checks and data backups


    3. On-demand services: One time services at client's request


    • On-site system check; troubleshooting hardware, software, and network problems