The role of networked systems in improving the efficiency level of organizations using computer systems and accessories, is undeniable.
AvaPardaz Innovator Engineers offers the following networking services using the expertise of its experienced staff:

Implementing Networks

  • Analysis, design, and engineering of the appropriate network model
  • Implementing and testing the network from A to Z
  • Setup and configuration of network servers
  • Offering solutions in efficient use of network systems and Internet services

Expanding the Existing Networks

  • Integrating separate organizational networks and creating pathways for remote data exchange
  • Design and implementation of Intranets and Extranets with remote control capabilities
  • Connecting the local area network to the Internet and accessing the valuable organizational data from all around the world
  • Design and implementation of wireless and satellite networks

Training and support

  • Professional training on network usage and administration to the managers and staff
  • Technical support of computer networks and improving their efficiency